Hardie Board Panels

Hardie Board Panels

The Best Hardie Board Panels Professional in Kansas City

Kansas City Hardie Siding installs James Hardie Board Panels for Kansas City homes and businesses. Fiber concrete siding from James Hardie is known for its top quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal. Our Kansas City Hardie Siding team is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Installer, which means we follow all manufacturer’s guidelines regarding the storage of materials, cutting of materials, preparing the substrate, and choosing fasteners. We promise to deliver a finished product you can be proud of.

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Why Choose Hardie Board Panels for Your Home?

There is a common problem of dampness seepage in the Kansas City area. A siding material that is susceptible to dampness damage should be avoided. When exposed to moisture repeatedly, wood siding can swell, break, peel off, and expand mold. Because Hardie Board Panels resist moisture and deterioration, they are an ideal choice for outdoor applications.

You can choose Hardie Board Panels for your home because they are non-combustible. Even if exposed to fire, it will not ignite. Additionally, Hardie Board Panels provide long-term durability and resistance to termites, carpenter ants, and woodpeckers.

Hardie Board Panel Installation Process

Based on our customers’ style and budget, we determine which exterior siding products are best for them. In most cases, the installation will take between two and three weeks, depending on the size of the home.

After removing the old siding and repairing the studs, sheathing, and insulation board, a starter strip will be installed to create a drip edge.

To conceal the bolts, each tier is layered on top of the last to create a shingled look.

The Trim is mounted as the last step before cleanup.

Hardie Board Panels Advantages

When compared to vinyl, aluminum, or wood siding, Hardie siding outperforms them in many ways:

  • There is no warping or melting caused by high-heat problems.
  • It is extra durable and sturdy when it comes to heavy rainfall and high winds.
  • Window and door caulking must be applied to prevent water from entering.
  • In addition to being environmentally friendly, this product will not produce toxic or unsafe spin-offs like vinyl.
  • Maintenance is minimal and cleanup is easy.
    Many insurance policies offer discounts for installing Hardie Board Panel siding because it is flame resistant and non-combustible.
  • Furthermore, it prevents timber from rotting.
  • Additionally, it has a pleasing appearance and good grain, similar to timber.

Colorplus Technology

Kansas City Hardie Siding highly recommends James Hardie’s ColorPlus-treated house siding. With ColorPlus technology, exterior siding panels are available in a wide range of stunning shades. Factory-applied pigment and baked-on coating will keep your house siding vibrant for several years. No cracks, chips, or peels are possible. The siding on ColorPlus is guaranteed for 15 years and requires little maintenance. The outside of your house or organization does not need to be painted or touched up during the summer.


I hired Kansas City Hardie Siding to put a new roof on my house and I am glad I did. My neighbor went with another company and the difference between how that company works and how Kansas City Hardie Siding is huge. I have a lifetime warranty, my yard was cleaned well, and I have the better looking roof. And it sounds like I got a pretty good deal with Kansas City Hardie Siding, considering what my neighbor paid for her roof. A big Thank you to Kansas City Hardie Siding. I will recommend them.

– Paul

Such an amazing experience with this company. From start to finish, we were never worried about anything in what easily could have been a very daunting process. They made the entire job as seamless as possible, even given the long Covid-imposed wait time for materials. We shopped around extensively for companies to handle all of our siding needs and Kansas City Hardie Siding gave us the best options, at the best price, and made us feel the most comfortable. 10 of 10 would use again!

– Jason

Kansas City Hardie Siding are committed to the best service possible in the industry. They did the job securely, quickly, answered all questions, and cleaned up after the completion. The finished project was a sight to behold. It is both practical in design as well as aesthetically awe-inspiring. The office staff were always available with any questions or concerns. Their prices are fair and their work ethic unsurpassed. I am incredibly pleased and highly recommend Kansas City Hardie Siding.

– Morgan

Fully Trained And Educated Staff

All Kansas City Hardie Siding contractors should be able to install fiber cement siding. Our experts will install Hardie siding on your home using the Better Method Handbook created by sector leaders. For any questions about James Hardie products or installation processes, contact our experienced and knowledgeable agents!

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