Hardie Board Siding

James Hardie manufactures Hardie Board siding, also known as cement board siding.

Hardie Board Siding

Best Hardie Board Siding

The number one siding brand in America is James Hardie. More than 5.5 million homes worldwide have Hardie Board siding, which combines the warmth and character of wood with the toughness and easy upkeep of fiber cement. You can protect your home by installing fiber concrete board siding. Hardie Board siding is economical, long-lasting, as well as of excellent quality, with a minimum 30-year guarantee against damage, deterioration, cracking, and peeling. Your dream home can also be customized with a variety of Hardie Board exterior siding colors.

In terms of durability, James Hardie’s siding is second to none. You won’t have to worry about it getting damaged or losing its color. There is no rot and no pests on it. It will not crack or warp in the summer if it’s hot outside, or if it’s cold in the winter. For Kansas City, MO homeowners looking to avoid having to change their siding in the future or to protect their homes against harsh weather, cement board siding is the most effective choice.

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What is Hardie Board?

Hardy Board is an extremely flexible siding that resembles the look of more expensive exterior siding without costing you to pay for an extra thing. Cement, sand, and also cellulose fibers are used to construct fiber cement siding, which is durable and also resilient. At a much more moderate price with boosted strength, Hardie Board siding can give you the look of cedar shingles, natural stone, or clapboard.

Investing in a new siding for your home is among the best mid-priced home improvement tasks you can complete. Kansas City Hardie Siding is a company you can rely on
Hardie Siding Installation for all your needs. Your home’s overall resale value can increase by 84% if you install Hardie board siding.

Hardie Board Siding Benefits

Hardie Board siding offers many benefits. With fairly low maintenance, this product will last the lifetime of your home. In addition to its eye-catching appearance, it is available in a wide variety of colors and textures to match your home design.

Below are a number of benefits you will take pleasure in after installing this kind of home siding on your residence:

Fire Resistance – Despite being made of 90% sand and concrete, Hardie board siding is fire resistant. Fire damage cannot be caused by this material. As a result of Hardie board siding’s fire resistance, you may also be able to get a discount on your home insurance premiums.

Weather Resistance – Whether you live in an area that experiences frequent tornadoes, hailstorms, or high winds, Hardie board siding is proven to withstand even the most severe tornadoes. In addition to being rot and bug resistant, this siding can even withstand salt spray from the sea for coastal homes.

Long life expectancy – Life expectancy of 50 years or more with this house siding. After installing Hardie board, most homeowners won’t have to change their house siding again during their lifetime. Several Hardie board siding products come with a limited transferable, 50-year warranty, which you should confirm with your local house siding installer.

Functional Look – In terms of functionality, Hardie board siding can be made to look and feel like almost any other type of home siding, including wood lap boards, cedar tiles, and timber shakes. There is a virtually limitless variety of shades available. The coating on Hardie board exterior siding is normally guaranteed for 10 to 15 years, which is longer than most house sidings.

Types Of Hardie Board

There are different types of Hardie boards, which is a type of fiber concrete. Regardless of whether they prefer Victorian architecture, Colonial architecture, contemporary architecture, or Artisan architecture, homeowners can customize the Hardie board style to match their home’s aesthetic and layout.


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Types Of House Siding

Here are a couple of popular Hardie board house siding styles you can choose from:

Hardie lap siding. One of the most popular siding options offered by Hardie boards is lap siding. The horizontal laps give the design a timeless look, and it is available in many textures and shades.

Board and batten. A rustic appearance is achieved with the use of large vertical Hardiplanks with a strip of molding between. Modern or farmhouse-style residences work best with this design.

Hardie textured panels. For a more modern-looking house, this design integrates wide panels and trimmings in a selection of appearances.

Tiles made from Hardie. These are comparable to premium types of siding, such as cedar or wood, however, are much more durable and long-lasting.

Hardie Board Siding Installation By Kansas City Hardie Siding

Installing Hardie board siding is a great way to refresh the look of your residence without spending a lot of money. The most common name for this kind of house siding is Hardie board siding, which originated from James Hardie. For a free siding estimate, contact Kansas City Hardie Siding today!

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