Hardie Soffit Panels

Hardie Soffit Panels

Best Hardie Soffit panel Installation in Kansas City, MO

Providing protection for your roof underside, eaves, and exterior terrace ceilings, soffits are essential building and construction elements. In order to meet aesthetic demands and code requirements, Kansas City Hardie Siding offers smooth and vented products.

Whenever it comes to your exterior, you need products you can rely on to keep your house protected from the elements. It is for this reason that HardieSoffit panels are available. In Kansas City’s varied climate and seasonal conditions, HardieSoffit panels are durable and weather-resistant. In addition to offering aired vent and non-vented options to meet your structure and aesthetic requirements, HardieSoffit panels are an eye-catching way to secure and cover overhangs and eaves over balconies, awnings, and outdoor patio ceilings.

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Vented vs. Non-Vented Soffits

Every type of home requires soffits. Covering your roof eaves, outdoor patios, and deck ceilings with these panels protects the outside of your home and help circulate air. A soffit can be either vented or non-vented. There are small openings in ventilated soffits that allow air to be pushed and distributed within the overhang, as opposed to non-vented soffits.

HardieSoffit Panel Finishes

With HardieSoffit panels, you can choose a natural or contemporary covering. A variety of finishes and appearances are available for HardieSoffit panels, including:

Non-Vented Cedarmill: With this magnificent synthetic alternative finish, you can enjoy the natural appeal of cedar. In contrast to wood, this layer does not flex and disintegrate. It has a raised framework that resembles wood; however, it is not susceptible to cracking.

Vented Cedarmill: Cedarmill’s timber-like appearance is matched by its ability to release air in order to satisfy building ordinance policies.

Vented Smooth: With this soffit, your home will look elegant and have good airflow. Add additional trim and smooth siding to your residence. Designed to be used with Declaration Collections and Fantasize Collections items, as well as keyed to paint items.

Non-Vented Smooth: An incredibly versatile smooth soffit, the non-vented smooth is readily available in Declaration Collection stuff, Dream Collection stuff, and keyed for painting. This siding complements exterior siding that is smooth or distinctive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the Hardie panel for the soffit?
Depending on the local building code, HardieSoffit panels can be used as a soffit or ceiling over timber or steel 20 scales (33 mils) or 16 scales (54 mils).

How thick are soffit boards?
It is important to note that not all soffit boards are the same size, but the average soffit board measures 16 inches to 24 inches when covering a house’s eaves. The arrangement can also be simplified due to soffit dimensions that feature a density of 1/4-inch.

What is the importance of a soffit?
Soffits serve both aesthetic and functional purposes on the exterior of a house. A soffit’s primary function is to protect rafters from the elements. The rafters are better protected from mold by keeping moisture away from them.

A soffit is normally either vented or non-vented. The overhang of a soffit with ventilation allows air to flow and distribute within the overhang, while a soffit without ventilation does not.

HardieSoffit panels offer the best soffit solution available. Featuring a smooth surface that allows air to flow, this soffit gives your house a touch of class. Soffits serve a visual and practical purpose, like numerous components of a house’s exterior.


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HardieSoffit panels from James Hardie are the ultimate soffit solution. Whether your house needs vented or non-vented panels, HardieSoffit panels can meet your requirements. A wide variety of layers can be added to either style to enhance your existing design and make it more durable.

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